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1.  Colen, B.D.  THE ESSENTIAL GUIDE TO A LIVING WILL   1987   Inventory #WH068539I  $4.90  Paperback.  Book/Jacket Condition: Very Good/None

2.  Cox, Archibald.  STATUTORY SUPPLEMENT TO CASES ON LABOR LAW   1958   Inventory #WH052677I  $19.00  Trade Paperback.  Book/Jacket Condition: Good/None

3.  Haar, Charles M.  THE GOLDEN AGE OF AMERICAN LAW   Inventory #WH027688I  $17.95  Hardcover.  Book/Jacket Condition: Good/Good

4.  King, Willard L.  MELVILLE WESTON FULLER CHEIF JUSTICE OF TEH UNNITED STATES 1888-1910   1950   Inventory #WH027697I  $19.00  Hardcover.  Book/Jacket Condition: Good/None

5.  Trebach, Arnold S.  THE RATIONING OF JUSTICE   1964   Inventory #WH041695I  $14.00  Hardcover.  Book/Jacket Condition: Good/None

6.  Warren, Joseph.  SELECT CASES AND OTHER AUTHORITIES ON THE LAW OF CONVEYANCES AND RELATED SUBJECTS   1922   Inventory #WH068520I  $11.90  Hardcover.  Book/Jacket Condition: Good/None

7.  Woodward, Bob.  THE BRETHREN   1979   Inventory #WH041496I  $11.90  Hardcover.  Book/Jacket Condition: Good/Good

8.  Woodward, Bob and Armstrong, Scott.  THE BRETHREN INSIDE THE SUPREME COURT   1979   Inventory #WH065947I  $9.90  Hardcover.  Book/Jacket Condition: Very Good/Very Good

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