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1.  Amado, Jorge.  O PAIS DO CARNAVAL   Inventory #WH071183I  $11.00  Paperback.  Book/Jacket Condition: Good/None

2.  Benzoni, Juliette.  CATHERINE IM STUZM   1973   Inventory #WH068467I  $11.90  Hardcover.  Book/Jacket Condition: Very Good/Very Good

3.  Beziat, Andre And Dey, William Morton.  French Grammar   1927   Owner Inscription/Lots of Notes in Pencil on First Couple of Pages.  Added on September 17, 2011   Inventory #15002  $9.90  Hardcover.  Book/Jacket Condition: Good/None

4.  Bohde.  TELESKOP LANDESKUNDE IM ZDF   1995   Inventory #WH041167I  $19.00  Trade Paperback.  Book/Jacket Condition: Good/None

5.  Borges, Jorje.  NARRACIONES   1988   Inventory #WH059895I  $9.90  Pocket Book.  Book/Jacket Condition: Very Good/None

6.  Boylesve, Rene.  LA BECQUEE   1925   Inventory #WH041633I  $9.90  Hardcover.  Book/Jacket Condition: Good/None

7.  Bretcher, Claire.  LOS FRUSTRES   1975   Inventory #WH041678I  $29.00  Paperback.  Book/Jacket Condition: Good/None

8.  Brunton, Paul.  DER WEG NACH INNEN   Inventory #WH033425I  $9.00  Hardcover.  Book/Jacket Condition: Good/None

9.  Choisis, Morceaus.  VICTOR HUGO   1938   Inventory #WH057158I  $11.90  Pocket Book.  Book/Jacket Condition: Good/None

10.  Clement, L.  FABLES DE LA FONTAINE   1933   Inventory #WH057140I  $14.90  Hardcover.  Book/Jacket Condition: Good/None

11.  Collange, Christiane.  MADAME ETLE BONHEUR   1972   Inventory #WH026357I  $27.00  Trade Paperback.  Book/Jacket Condition: Very Good/None

12.  Condon, Richard.  IL RE DELLA MAIA   1973   Inventory #WH043857I  $14.00  Hardcover.  Book/Jacket Condition: Good/None

13.  Cvetanovic, Ratimir J.  A POCKET DICTIONARY ENGLISH-SERBOCROATION ENGLISH DICTIONARY   1958   Inventory #WH043856I  $11.90  Hardcover.  Book/Jacket Condition: Good/None

14.  Daudet, Dalphonse.  MORCEAUX CHOISIS   1925   Inventory #WH057144I  $7.90  Hardcover.  Book/Jacket Condition: Very Good/None

15.  Del Aguila De Padilla, Marilyn.  Texto De Espanol Tomo 1   with no dust jacket  Added on September 17, 2011   Inventory #59484  $7.50  Trade Paperback.  Book/Jacket Condition: Good/None

16.  Delibes, Miguel.  EL CAMINO   1963   Inventory #WH068468I  $14.90  Hardcover.  Book/Jacket Condition: Good/Very Good

17.  Duhamel, Georges.  LE NOTAIRE DU HAVRE   Inventory #WH057166I  $11.90  Pocket Book.  Book/Jacket Condition: Good/None

18.  Duhamel, Georges.  LE DESERT DE BIEVRES   Inventory #WH057167I  $11.90  Pocket Book.  Book/Jacket Condition: Good/None

19.  Ehehalt, Dr. Ernst.  DEUTSCH AUF FROHLICHE   1974   Inventory #WH036687I  $7.40  Paperback.  Book/Jacket Condition: Good/None

20.  Exupery, Antoine.  DER KLEINE PRINZ   1983   Inventory #WH059966I  $13.90  Pocket Book.  Book/Jacket Condition: Good/None

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