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1.  Giri, N.K.  AUTOMOBILE MECHANICS (IN M.K.S. UNITS)   1981   Inventory #WH041880I  $16.00  Paperback.  Book/Jacket Condition: Good/None

2.  Lewis, C.C.  ADVANCED MOTORING   1967   Inventory #WH027667I  $25.00  Hardcover.  Book/Jacket Condition: Good/Good

3.  Schroeder, Joseph.  THE WONDERFUL WORLD F AUTOMOBILES 1895-1930   1983   Inventory #WH060083I  $6.95  Trade Paperback.  Book/Jacket Condition: Good/None

4.  Warren, Larry and Haynes, John H.  ESCORT & LYNX OWNERS WORKSHOP MANUAL   1985   Edited by Juan Cano and Edith Cameron   Inventory #WH065962I  $9.90  Trade Paperback.  Book/Jacket Condition: Very Good/None

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